Wondering who is behind all that is amazing with The Cypress Initiative? Well wonder no more! Here is a little about our staff.

Brooke Wheeldon-Reece:

Brooke is The Cypress Initiative’s Executive Director. As the Executive Director, Brooke oversees daily operations and acts as lead Business Trainer and Personal Coach. Since coming to The Initiative, she has trained with Chip and Jan Chipman, Judith Sedgeman, Dr. Dicken Bettinger, Dr. Aaron Turner, Sara Murre, and is currently enrolled in Michael Neill’s Supercoach Academy. Brooke earned her B.A. in Interpersonal Communications and her M.B.A. in Marketing.

She has 12 years’ experience in adult education, training and evaluative program development. Before coming to The Initiative, she was a training program developer and national trainer for the Mendez Foundation and a Program Director for the Children’s Board Family Resource Centers. She also works as a business consultant, professional development specialist and curriculum developer for Verizon and Learning.com. Brooke’s passion is business development, adult education and creating programs that enhance the lives of others. She knew she found her home with Cypress when she discovered their unique ability to truly create sustainable change throughout all populations.

Helen Neal-Ali:

Helen is The Cypress Initiative’s Community Program Coordinator and Lead Youth Mentor. She has over 18 years’ experience in prevention education and training. In the past 18 years she has trained with Elsie Spittle, Dr. Jack Pransky, Jan and Chip Chipman, Judith Sedgeman, Sara Murre and Michael Neill. Through her experience and recovery from domestic violence, she opened a licensed consulting firm, Life Changing Consulting.  She has since developed and facilitated self-esteem, substance abuse and parenting programs to the clients of several, local nonprofit agencies (Alpha House, Mercy House, Faulkenburg & Orient Road Jails, The Spring of Tampa Bay, The Boys and Girls Club, Tampa Hillsborough Action Plan, Informed Families of Miami, DACCO, TUMC Academy Charter School, Good Will, Family Justice Center, Hillsborough Correctional Institution). Now as a full-time employee for Cypress, Helen leads the charge facilitating programs in our schools and communities.

Ashley Hunt:

Ashley is The Cypress Initiative’s Marketing Coordinator and one of our Youth Mentors. As the newest member of The Initiative, she brings social media and marketing expertise and has an amazing ability to connect with the youth she mentors. Ashley is an integral part of the coordination and implementation of our fundraising and community events. In the past year, while working with The Initiative, she has also had the opportunity to train with Sara Murre and Michael Neill.

Jorgie Franks:

Jorgie is one of The Cypress Initiative’s newest Youth Mentors. She brings great energy and has a passion for mentoring to teens.  Jorgie is an author, and motivational speaker.  This past year, she has been able to train with Sara Murre and Michael Neil in Super Coach Academy. She has also shadowed Ms. Helen throughout this last school year and is now ready to teach classes of her own in the coming year.


Well, now you know the faces behind The Cypress Initiative.  We would love for you to comment and tell us what else you’d like to know.

Wishing you all love & lots of amazement,

The Cypress Initiative Staff

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